Project Lead/Developer

Sandy, UT Full-time
Posted on January 12, 2020

Project Lead/Developer (Computer Programmer).

Development of Benefit Administration software - 834 Clearing House Application (Web applications, Web Services, REST Services): design and write code for background processes using Rescue library and/or delayed-job library to generate exports, reports and other long running processes that don't fit into the request/response cycle of the web server; design and write code for Clearing House web application using Rails-native libraries; convert ERB templates into modern HAML/SAML templates to improve code readability and maintainability; write code and migrating from older ones to newer to improve overall user experience; implement CSV/ExcelXML imports using standard Rails libraries; implement web services using SAML/Savon libraries to integrate 834 Clearing House application with some of our partners' applications; work on ActiveRecord validations as part of data cleanup effort. Write Stored Procedures and complex SQL statements using MySQL 5.6+: completely understand and use Inner and Outer Joins; write Cursors; create and alter UDFs; setup and managing Replication. Write and configure different types of monitoring Linux Daemons and Scripts: write scripts in Ruby language, integrate with Puppet tool, the product of Puppet Labs, to manage multiple web and utility servers centrally; configure and use Nagios monitoring solution; monitor application performance using New Relic; write automatic scripts to backup DB and data files to Amazon S3. Configure and setup security permissions for Linux CentOS 7.0. Setup and configure Apache 2.2 web server. Create work estimates and force on time deliveries.

Requires B.S. in Computer Science or related area plus 5 years of software development experience and knowledge of web development and software development; knowledge in REST Services; HTML5, CSS3, Ruby 2.4.2 (Ruby on Rails 5.0.7), JavaScript, Prototype, ExtJS, jQuery; MySQL Server 5.6, Linux CentOS 7.0, Apache 2.2 web server; ability to write Stored Procedures, Triggers, User Defined Function and Views; understanding of technical support and troubleshooting.

Job located in Sandy, UT.