Challenge Aspen

Snowmass , CO

Winter Reservations Coordinators

Challenge Aspen
Snowmass, CO Full-time
Posted on September 18, 2019

Challenge Aspen is seeking Winter Reservations Coordinators. Seasonal/Full-time. Previous experience is preferred.

Challenge Aspen is an organic outgrowth of the individually conceived dreams of co-founders, Houston Cowan and Amanda Boxtel. Both experienced life-changing moments that solidified their connection to the adaptive recreation field.

For Amanda, it was her ski accident that left her paralyzed, on Snowmass Mountain on February 27, 1992. Amanda discovered the personal courage required to regain her life and resume the activities seemingly lost to her after her fall.  Houston was first introduced to adaptive recreation through BOLD (Blind Outdoor Leisure Development) as a volunteer guide and instructor. After his first day teaching with the remarkable participants of BOLD, Houston realized his true calling.

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