Health and Wellness Coordinator

lifestyle institution llc
Orem, UT Full-time
Posted on August 25, 2019

Lifestyle Institution LLC seeks Worker to coordinate wellness programs and services and provide individual support or counseling in general wellness or nutrition and alternative medicine. Conduct assessments to determine needed wellness programs, products or services and provide individual support with varied alternative medicine therapies. Coordinate purchase and sale of supplements, essential oils, and homeopathic remedies aimed at boosting the immune system. Maintain wellness records. Develop, organize and oversee marketing campaigns and wellness programs. Respond to requests for information about wellness programs or services. Use computer skills to manage web sites or databases, publish newsletters, or provide webinars.

Special Requirements: Two years related experience managing a health food store and working as an alternative health therapist. Experience must include 12 months selling high quality homeopathic, herbal, mineral and natural supplements and essential oils; and providing treatments with foot compressions, cupping; lymphatic drainage massage, pneumatic compression, epigenetics analysis to develop nutritional advice; blending essential oils and using high quality supplements for client's specific needs; formulating, and blending essential oil products.