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Posted on September 11, 2020

A Youth and Family Coordinator (YFC) will provide coordination for our PACT Program - Permanency
focused, Action oriented, Collaboration, Team-based. The program is designed to work with youth to improve
their success and sustainability in a community environment. The YFC maintains a caseload and is responsible
for coordinating and facilitating the entire support process for each of the youth/families served. This entails
assisting teams with developing individual goal oriented action plans for youth and useful safety plans for crisis
situations. The YFC is responsible for making sure that the youth and families have every opportunity to be
successful in the home, school and community settings and remain connected to people important to them.
Maintaining documentation on a timely basis is also a requirement of this position.
Experience in behavioral healthcare field, knowledge of the educational system, crisis intervention, family and
youth centered practice, the child welfare system and creative problem solving preferred. Bachelors level
education in a human service field, and 2 years’ experience required. Salary is commensurate with education
and experience.
Essential Skills
 Knowledge of Georgia’s behavioral health, developmental disabilities, child welfare, education,
juvenile justice systems and available resources
 Knowledge of and ability to model strength–based and solution–focused skills
 Ability to document activities and keep accurate records that are timely and well written
 Ability to build and maintain effective professional relationships
 Crisis intervention and safety planning skills
 Ability to conduct oneself in a professional manner at all times
 Ability to work effectively on multiple teams with different goals toward the best interest of the
children served
 Effective problem solving
 Ability to be self -motivated
 Ability to be creative in thinking and planning
 Openness to learning and tracking large amounts of information
 Respect for the value of youth voice, and skill in appropriately involving youth in their care plan
Preferred Skills
 Experience in coordination of resources and services with youth and families
 Experience working with and in a youth or family–centered practice model
 Existing knowledge of MAAC and its many functions
 Existing positive professional reputation
 Previous experience in Wraparound

Multi-Agency Alliance for Children, Inc.

MAAC’s Mission: MAAC’s mission is to coordinate people, resources, information and a network of quality

providers to create positive outcomes for vulnerable youth and families.

Job Duties & Responsibilities
1. Review youth and family information to identify strengths and explore needs of youth and family in
concert with a team
2. Ensure case record includes pertinent clinical/historical information
3. Coordinate ongoing meetings with youth, families, partner agencies and community members,
natural supports (such as DJJ, DFCS, and school systems)
4. Statewide travel to agencies, foster homes, and birth homes to meet and interact with youth and
5. Write and develop plans to achieve youth and family success
6. Attend and participate in MAAC’s Clinical Team Meetings, when necessary
7. Attend and participate in all other relevant meetings
8. Be flexible and committed to MAAC’s Mission
9. Anticipate challenges and solve them before they become problems
10. Being knowledgeable regarding youth and families served
11. Develop resources to meet the unique needs of the youth and families served and make referrals
when necessary
12. Enter documentation within required timelines into the web-based database system site Efforts to
Outcomes (ETO)
13. Uphold fidelity to MAAC’s Practice Model
14. Various projects and other assigned duties (as needed)
Supervisory Responsibility: None.
Work Environment: 20-25% in office
Special Demands: Able to drive long distances/Sitting/Standing
Work Hours: Full-time
Weekend Work Possibility: as needed
Travel: within the State of Georgia

AAP/EEO Statement: MAAC, Inc. provides equal employment opportunity to all individuals regardless of
their race, color, creed, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin,
disability, veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by state, federal, or local law.